Friday, March 12, 2010

No Crying Over Split Milk

In India, milk is split/curdled to form a cottage cheese we usually call paneer or chena. Last night at the store, I bought four packets of milk, just grateful that they were available at that late hour. I had some doubts about them that I managed to repress but was unfortunately proved right when I set it to boil - it curdled immediately - two packets yesterday and one packet today.

I tasted the cheese and it was pleasant and sweet, so I strained the whey and stored it in the fridge intending to make the above. I had more of it this morning after the third packet went off.

You can substitute tofu for a vegan alternative.

Here's how to make scrambled paneer:

Paneer: 2 cups (You can always make the paneer fresh or crush the block of paneer you get in the store)
Onion, chopped: 3/4 cup
Water: 1/8 cup

Chilli powder: 1/2-1 tsp
Turmeric: 1/2 tsp
Salt: to taste
Garam masala: 1/2-1 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste: 1 tbsp (you can also chop/crush/grind them in equal proportion to make up a tbsp)

Cumin seed: 1 tsp
Oil: 3-4 tsp

Coriander leaves, to garnish

Heat the oil in a pan, temper with cumin seed.

Fry the onions on low heat.

Add the ginger-garlic paste. Mix well and fry for a while. In India, we like to say "till the raw smell goes".

Add the spices. Mix well and add the water. Let it come to a boil.

Now add the paneer. Stir to ensure it blends well with the spices.

Let the water evaporate and garnish with some coriander leaves if you like.

And here's Cynthia's post on how to make fresh paneer - she also has some useful links there, and her gorgeous photos are a sight for sore eyes.

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Link fixed :)

I haven't made paneer in a while and now that I get fresh cow's milk I should make some again soon :)

Lori Lynn

sounds very flavorful!


Very interesing!Just a few hrs before urs i have posted how to make paneer in my blog.
And is it safe to use spoiled milk?


Thanks, folks!
Ezee, frankly, I don't know. But when I tasted it, it tasted fresh and sweet, if you know what i mean.


It looks very tasty.
I really like paneer. In India we used to eat some dish called "Paneer 64" (I think it was 64, I'm not sure about the exact number :) ) Any idea what to make from milk that got cut after adding jaggery to it?
I had some problems with that lately, when trying to prepare sweets...


Foehre, that was probably Paneer 65 - we have chicken, vegetable, paneer and many other 65s here - legend goes that the original 65 was the 65th item on the menu.
as for your other question, i have no clue. the same thing happened to me once and i poured it down the sink. i was trying to make a sweet.


Haha, thanks, so now I know finally, it was 65 (I was almost right with the number :P ).
Now I can search the web for a recipe, hehe.

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