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CYNTHIA - Tastes Like Home

Hi, I'm Cynthia. I'm from the Caribbean - born in Guyana (the only English-speaking Country in South Amercia) and I live in Barbados, also known as the isle in the sun.

I'm a trained media professional and teach Broadcast Journalism. My interests are cooking (obviously), photography, and reading, among other things. I'm also a food writer, with a weekly food column in Stabroek News and I write freelance for various publications.

For full disclosure, I am a meat eater. So what am I doing here on a blog about Vegan and Vegetarian food? See here.

I blog at: Tastes Like Home

LORI LYNN - Taste With The Eyes

I started Taste With The Eyes in June of 2007 as a creative outlet, a way to share my restaurant experiences, and connect with the global foodie community. As always, it continues to be a great joy to share my culinary photography and cooking & entertaining adventures with you.

Recently, I added a Heart Healthy section to my blog. In July 2009 my total cholesterol count was 280. I started on a heart healthy regimen including diet and exercise, and by December 2009 my total cholesterol count was 209. I am determined to get it below 200. If you are interested, you can read a little more about it on this post. I look forward to continuing to share delicious heart healthy meals, including vegetarian and vegan dishes, at The Great VEGA'N VEGETARIAN Project!

To OuR HeAlThY HeArTs!

Lori Lynn
Los Angeles, California

Come See What's Cooking At: Taste With The Eyes
And Come Visit A Most Charming Town: san pedro daily photo

PJ - Seduce Your Tastebuds

Hi,I am Padmajha[PJ].Basically a dietitian and health educator,[a stay-at-home mom for now] I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.I like to cook stuffs that are easy to prepare yet add color and variety to the diet.

I am from India living in China.I am a vegetarian and so I have a great difficulty in finding vegetarian food while eating out here.I am trying to 'convert' most of the Chinese dishes to vegetarian/vegan so that I am able to enjoy them to my taste.

I blog about food @ Seduce Your tastebuds and record my travels @ My footprints on earth

SRA - When My Soup Came Alive

Hi, I'm Sra. Writing, food and humour are my interests, apart from reading and of late, photography, all of which I'm able to explore and combine through blogging. I've been blogging for a little over three years now.

I'm Indian and I live in India, and that contributes towards making most of the food I cook naturally vegan and vegetarian, though I'm a non-vegetarian.

I blog at: When My Soup Came Alive and 365-1/4


Hi, I'm Harriet, born and raised in beautiful Barbados but believe I am West Indian to the bone. I stumbled on Cynthia's food blog a couple of months ago whilst reading regional news and I have been a faithful reader ever since. I started paying more attention to what I eat after being diagnosed with gluten and a host of other dietary allergies, in July last year. It is also a resolve of mine to consume less meat, so I jumped at Cynthia's invitation to join her in her online vegan journal.

I have no culinary training, but cookbooks are ranking higher on my reading list than any other book at the minute. I like food and I enjoy conversations shared over preparing a good meal, whether with my mother, who worked as a cook in restaurants a good part of her life, or my husband (who I wish would join in the fun just a tad more often). I look forward to sharing my culinary delights and hope you enjoy what I serve up.


My name is Mark Johnston, I am Guyanese by birth living in the United States of America. I am stumbled across this article by Cynthia, and I thought the name looked familar so i started reading, (since some twenty plus years ago i worked with someone with that name). Talk about coming full circle, lol !! indeed the world is a small place.

Well I am not a Writer, a blogger nor a Cook. I am vegetarian , (however I eat fish) my goal is to be a vegan. I like cooking and i do experiment with vegetarian dishes. Indeed this would be challenging for me. I do look forward to this project.

RAAGA - The Singing Chef

Hi, I'm Raaga. Food, music, travel and books are what I consider my secondary interests. My primary interest being: People. In every possible way, my secondary interests are all linked to that one primary interest. I've always been curious about people. What they do, why they do what they do, and sometimes how they do it.

I'm an Indian and I live in Gurgaon, which is a city that borders the capital, New Delhi. I am mostly lacto-ovo-vegetarian and on very rare occasions, semi vegetarian. However, all the food that I cook at home will always come under the former.

One part of me craves routine while the other is repulsed by the mere thought of monotony. So, every day, I try to maintain that delicate balance.

I blog about life and quirks at: Random Thoughts and about food at: The Singing Chef.

SANGEETHA - I Googled, I Saw, I Cooked

Hi, I am Sangeetha. I am a new mommy, also working full time as a Neurophysiologist. I am originally from Chennai, India, now living in Chicago, USA.

I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I joined this blog because I think it's a great idea and feel the need to contribute. I love experimenting and cooking a lot of fusion-Indian vegetarian food. I typically tend to cook simple, healthy (and spicy) meals. With the added incentive of motherhood, I am trying to be more efficient with my cooking. To this blog, I would like to bring healthy meals including vegetarian baby food (which is what I seem to be making most these days!).

SIRI - Siri's Corner

Hi, I am Siri - somebody just like you who is passionate about food, happiness and life in general. I am originally from Hyderbad (India) and now, a software professional working in Washington DC, USA. I am a vegetarian by choice who loves eggs and also a staunch believer of the fact - "You are what you eat"!

Every cuisine has its own special and unique cooking styles and I would eventually wish to try them all. My other interests include - reading, traveling and photography.

Bon Appetite Everyone!

FELIX - Simply Trini Cooking

Hello, I am Felix and I'm from the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago. Food blogging to me is just another outlet for me to explore my creativity and untapped capabilities. Of course it has also offered me the opportunity to meet new and exciting minds that share my passion. And, from the looks of it, the list is growing exponentially.

Like my good friend Cynthia, I am not a vegetarian, but at times I do prepare meals at home that are vegetarian or vegan in nature, to post on my blog. My blogging journey started when I was looking for recipes of some of our local Trini dishes online. Seeing just a handful, I decided to post and document authentic, home-style, Trini recipes that we prepare on a daily basis. And thus far, the ride has been a wonderful one.

But enough about that side of me: here's the other side... I like cooking - experimenting with flavours and styles. Reading - it comes with the territory. Writing - exploring different writing styles when I blog. Music - I play the guitar, and lately, Food Photography - close-up and macro. When it comes to personality, I prefer you to get to know me. I look forward to posting some of the Trini vegetarian/vegan recipes that I've come to love.

I blog about Trini food and culture @

NIRMALA - Ezeecook

Hi! I'm a homemaker from Chennai, India, where it's summer 365 days. South Indian cooking is balanced and nutritious. In South India, most non-vegetarians eat meat only on the weekends. We eat chicken or fish for Sunday Lunch.

I'm from a family of diabetics and so I am very particular about what goes into the pan and ultimately on to the plate. When I start making a dish, there is always a parallel thinking process - calculating it in terms of health and nutrition. So, whenever I make classic recipes, I enrich and balance it by adding ingredients to it.

I will be happy if foodies like it. I invite requests for recipes from fellow bloggers and visitors.

Land on my food blog here:

ELENA - Foehre
Hi, my name is Elena. When I was 6 years old, I stopped eating meat and have lived vegetarian ever since.

Spending my childhood and youth in such diverse places as Tamil Nadu, India, Spain and the Nothern USA (being originally from Austria), I have always come in contact with flavours and colours from around the world. Currently I live in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia with my husband.

Besides cooking, which I am very apssionate about, I love to take photographs, draw and paint, write poetry and short stories, watch movies and to be in nature, which is why our balcony has turned into some kind of miniature garden.

I have a blog with my writing here:
And one for drawings and paintings here:

DEEPIKA - Less Sugar, Please... For a Sweeter Life

Hi, I'm Deepika. I am an Indian living in India, having spent my later childhood in South India by the seaside. I'm a healthcare professional but I've never gotten a chance to make a career for myself in this field and have turned to writing instead, which I love.

I've always cooked since my teens, helping my mother out with various chores. However, now with a family and kitchen of my own, I think I've experimented with food deeply in recent years, because of unexpected health issues. In the process, I have also studied nutrition more closely. I've come to realize and admire the balance of nutrition in a lot of traditional food in India, and to lament over harmful practices that thave been appearing more frequently in our modern dietary habits, contributing to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular conditions, a lot of which are preventable if some care is taken. I love food and what better way to celebrate it than by writing about it.

I blog at Less Sugar, Please... For a Sweeter Life, where my focus is on diabetic cooking. I also write on general topics, the link for which you can access at Shades of India Ink.


Hello all! I am Rajani, an Indian now living the expat life in the United Arab Emirates. I am a media professional who has spent the better part of a decade producing and directing social & environmental documentaries, and writing scripts, before giving up most of it to be a full-time mum. I love writing, it's the one thing that completes me even on days when I feel my life's coming apart. My other interests are photography, travelling, reading (loads of non-fiction, travelogues, cookbooks, and comics). I am also an inveterate foodie and a diehard fan of the social media, and believe that technology can indeed offer an argument that's creative and engaging. My own web blog EAT. WRITE. THINK is a step in that direction.

Currently, I am a food columnist with Femina Online

Oh yes! I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian :) Ciao

My web log: EAT. WRITE. THINK
My website: Elephant Corridor


I was born in Salem, a city popular for Mangoes and Silver Anklets and grew up in the multi-cultural suburb of Chennai. In my childhood days, I dreamt of becoming an Astronaut at NASA but somehow I ended up maintaining Oracle Databases. LOL. So blogging is not my full time job. I do it for my all-time passion for food and my latest obsession with Food Photography.

I live with my dear Husband in the Garden State of America. We are semi-vegetarian, but most of the time we cook vegan at home. Indian cuisine has umpteen choices for Vegans. Thanks to Sesame Oil, Sunflower, Oil, Vanaspati etc for replacing Ghee/Clarified Butter from our cooking. I am so excited to contribute some of those recipes on this platform.

I also blog at Food for 7 Stages of Life and My Journey In the Alien Country.

NOELLE - An Opera Singer in the Kitchen

Hi, I am Noelle and I live in Michigan with my husband. I am originally from Texas, but I was born in Mexico and am half Chilean and half Mexican. What a combination right? I am a clinical pharmacy technician by day and a trained opera singer, jewelery designer, and gourmet cook by night. I love creating my own recipes and educating others how to cook without a recipe.

I have no formal training, but I have been cooking since I was 8. I believe that desserts are my strong suit, but seeing as I am trying to limit my sweets I leave those for special occasions and events.

I have been focusing on a vegan lifestyle since November 2009 for dietary reasons. In a society that focuses on eating meat, dairy and junk food, a person at one point needs to put their foot down and realize what they are putting into their mouths daily. I chronicle my calorie intake and weigh-in every day in order to reach my goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

YAMINI - For the Love of Food

Hi, I'm Yamini. I am originally from India, but have been living in Singapore for over 10 years now. I enjoy baking and cooking, and love good food in all forms.

I am a lacto-vegetarian and one of my pet projects is to try and find ways to make regular, non-vegetarian dishes and desserts vegetarian-friendly (i.e. meat/seafood-free and eggless). I blog about my culinary adventures at my blog, "For the Love of Food". I am especially fond of baking, dessert-making and decorating. I also indulge in a bit of writing and food photography at my blog. Visit me at For the Love of Food.

JENNEE - Wholesome Vegetarian Cooking

I am Jennee and a Chinese from Malaysia. I am now a recent homemaker after opting for early retirement from the corporate world. I cultivated the interest in cooking healthy vegetarian meals for my family daily and love exploring subjects related to holistic and healing cuisines for a true harmony of body, mind, soul and living place. I also love to share and learn from people of the same interest and to help serve others through contributing.

I share my experiments in cooking vegetarian food at Wholesome Vegetarian Cooking under the author name of Evermetta. I like a variety of cooking methods and styles and get my inspiration mostly from recipe books or food channel programmes.


This is Eugenio Garcia's nickname, born and living in Galicia, northwest of Spain, and very keen on cooking!

I am a vegetarian since 2006 and that's when I started blogging in Spanish from La Cocina Delokos. On that blog, I show my daily cooking, trying to keep Spanish flavours, although I love Asian cooking, especially Indian.

I like using a wide variety of ingredients, mostly from organic farming, and I try to make healthy food. As a good Spaniard, Olive oil is one of my basic ingredients, so it garlic, onions, peppers, fresh herbs, vegetables and cereals.

If you have any questions or anything is not clear, please leave them in the comments section. And do excuse any language mistakes I make as English is not my first language :)


Tuty @ ScentofSpice

Congrats with the new project, Cyn. I look forward to reading more...


Congrats Cynthia--I love vegan and vegetarian food the most!!!!!


Congrats from me also!
Great idea!
I love vegan, raw and vegetarian food.

Good luck!

Mom Chef

hey ! great space here ! 100% of my cooking is vegetarian, so I would like to be a contributor too to this blog.. do let me know how..

thx and cheers
Mom Chef

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