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Fragrant Chilled Soba Noodle Soup

Chilled Soba Noodle Soup
Fragrant Soy Milk Broth with Ground Sesame, Lemongrass, Ginger, Curry Leaf
Buckwheat Soba Noodle & Chick Pea
Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber, Scallion, Cilantro, Red Jalapeño, Sesame Seed

Lemongrass, Ginger, Curry Leaf

Buckwheat Soba Noodle

As we Angelenos bask in a mid-winter heat wave with temperatures reaching the 80's...we're dining on a cool fragrant heart healthy soup here. Soy milk is infused with lemongrass, ginger, and curry leaf. Ground sesame seeds add a nutty component. The garnishes are bright and refreshing. My friends in the mid-west and north-east may want to remember this recipe for the hot months to come, and those in the Southern Hemisphere and Southern California (for the time being), can enjoy this chilled soup now!

Soup Recipe

Add bruised lemongrass stalks, pieces of peeled ginger, and a handful of fresh curry leaves to 1 qt. of unsweetened organic soy milk. Simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cover, and let steep another 45 minutes, then strain the liquid and discard the solids.

Add about 3 T. ground toasted sesame seed to the liquid. Let come to room temperature, add one can of rinsed and drained chick peas and salt to taste. Chill in refrigerator at least one hour. Meanwhile, cook buckwheat soba noodles according to package instructions. Chill noodles too.

Place soba in a bowl. Ladle cool broth and chick peas over and around the noodles.

Garnish with wedges of heirloom tomato, sliced scallion, cucumber, red jalapeño, and cilantro. Finish with a sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds.

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LL, the flavours you have here make me want to swoon.


Absolutely love the flavors and looks yumm yumm :)

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wonderful pictures; awesome dish / love the flavors and the ingredients!this one's a keeper!

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