Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hello, And What I've Been Cooking

Hi, I'm Sra, and I'm excited about joining this venture. I blog at When My Soup Came Alive and 365-1/4. You can read a little more about why I joined this group project here.

In this post, I will only guide you to the vegan and vegetarian food I've been making in the last couple of weeks.

Here's a link to a concoction of my own - couscous with chickpeas in a tomato-thyme sauce. Most of the ingredients come out of a packet and it's easy to put together.

Thanks to Cynthia's post, I discovered mallum/mallung, and have made a variety of mallums since. Pictured in this photo, at the back, is a cabbage-carrot-beans mallung I made recently. In the foreground are idlis, another vegan staple in India. You can also see a soup, that's chaaru/rasam, yet another staple.

Finally, here's another one I made yesterday. A broad beans recipe, from here. It looks nothing like the original, but it was well-liked. It's cooked in tamarind extract and tempered with garlic and curry leaf.



You have indeed been cooking up a storm! I generally put chick peas in my couscous salads but your concoction as you put it makes for a more exciting union. Off to see the original post.


I cook dal so often and keep meaning to make a rasam - never had rasam before. Hope to remember to give it a try soon.


Thats a nice list Sra..

Lori Lynn

Hi Sra! YAY for the new blog! I am intrigued by the broad bean and tamarind recipe, can't wait to try that!


Sra - my next recipe to try is spicy couscous with chickpeas! :)


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