Sunday, April 4, 2010

Plantain Porridge

I am a huge fan of breakfast, especially when it is cooked. Cynthia's post on steamed plantains reminded me of the first time I had plantains for breakfast that were not fried or steamed. I was a social work student in Jamaica in 1998 and one of my classmates, Terretta, prepared an absolutely unforgettable plantain porridge. Unfortunately, Terretta died in a traffic accident a couple years after we graduated. I have fond memories of her, but especially when I make plantain porridge. You can take a look at the recipe here. I substitute corn flour for flour and add coconut milk instead of half and half. You can spice and sweeten it to your own tastes, or add raisins like I do. I hope you give it a try, or if you already make it let me know what you do differently. Here's to great breakfast.



hi loved the porridge recipes. never had imagines that a green banana could be porridgified! in southern india green bananas of a certain variety are sun dried, powdered and cooked as baby food. the first foods infact. cant wait to try this.


Hey Harriet, it is such a delight to see your first post! Yaaay!

I remember my aunt would make plantain porridge for her grand children in addition to the regular feeds and porridges they would make for babies.

Tell me, one can take out the cornmeal and make this instead with plantain flour right?

My aunt used to slice the green plantains and put them out in the sun to dry and then grind it with her mill.


Thanks Cynthia, several starts but finally the real deal :-). I am not sure if you can make the porridge from plantain flour, but I know that there is a packaged plantain porridge mix available.
Raj I hope you enjoy the porridge when you try it!


Wow, very creative recipe love it!


Hello, one question: do the plantains need to be green or can they be ripe/yellow already?


I have eaten plantain in many different way but never in a porridge. A new recipe for me to try!

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This is a wonderful way of keeping your friend's memory alive! Looks like a good hearty breakfast that can fuel my day. We get plantains pretty cheap here. One more recipe that utilizes it is a treasure indeed. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Foehre, I have tried the porridge with ripened plantains but cooking the ripened plantains does not produce the desired taste. Ideally the plantains should be green. Thanks Ann, Felix & Deepika it is worth trying!

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